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Silent Shouter the pioneer of news sources in India operates under the philosophy of keeping its readers informed. SilentShouter.com tells the story of India and it offers fresh, compelling content that’s useful and informative for its readers. SilentShouter delivers the latest updates on Trendig,Technology  and international issues with photo, audio and video. SilentShouter strives to be very accurate by leaving no stone unturned as it digs into the heart of every story on the local as well as international level.

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Pradipkumar Founder of SilentShouter

Pradipkumar is the Chief Seo Expert and the Founder of ‘Silent Shouter’. He has a very deep interest in Digital Marketing, WordPress, all earn money online, news topics whatsoever. Well, he lives in Junagadh. Who loves to be a self dependent person. As an author, I am trying my best to improve this platform day by day. His passion, dedication and quick decision making ability make him stand apart from others.

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Kandhal Keshvala- Newspaper head and article writer on silentshouter

Kandhal Keshvala is Newspaper Head and article writer. He is always motivated and passionate for his work and always try to give his best. He always try to learn new things. He is focused to his target and always Dream big to achieve a lot. He always motivate other to Dream Big and achieve Big and Be a Role Model for Every one.

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